Negentropy, Generative, 2019

I share this article quite often when people ask me about my process. Therefore I decided to update it with my recent work with “natural” color and noise, which you can see above. But it all started with a slight disappointment with machine colors.

Great article. I have been struggling with generative color as well. This led me to my own research and discoveries. Now I am always deriving spectral colors in the first place.

My recent generative work, I somehow felt that it’s adequate for this post
My recent generative work, I somehow felt that it’s adequate for this post
My recent generative work, somehow I felt that it’s adequate for this post

An experiment showing double performance of the code running on JVM comparing to equivalent native C code.

The title of this project is provocative, and it is meant to be, to bring attention to certain ideas. Please read through this document before jumping to any conclusions. For now, I will just say that the title applies just to the algorithm presented here, not to Java and C in general. I am also the farthest away from convincing anyone to choose Java over any other language, and I even see good reasons to discourage you from using Java in plethora of…

Sofia Crespo, {synthetic_emotionality_9876}, 2018

I don’t have to tell you who Hitler was, but you might want to know more about this Wittgenstein guy. In the year 1999 Time magazine published the list named: Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century. Of course it’s a very subjective selection of names, and I guess you might be familiar with many of them. Albert Einstein: the father of modern macro-scale physics, Alan Turing: the father of modern computing, Tim Berners-Lee: the father of World Wide Web — here are some of the predominantly male names from the Scientists & Thinkers section of the list…

Giovanni Sollima is one of my favorite contemporary cellists and composers, sometimes called postminimalist but also Jimy Hendrix of the cello. Very unorthodox in the way he is using the instrument, while being extraordinary composer and cello virtuoso in the same time. It’s not common to experience such amount of talent paired with the power of emotional expression and extraordinary connection with the audience rarely seen in contemporary music.

I felt in love with Sollima’s Terra Aria immediately, listening to it over and over again. I didn’t think that this piece can surprise me even more, until I heard…

My friend Lei started her Tech Art Berlin initiative. As a curator she is inviting people to shape with her

A creative community to connect talents, share resources, and create dialogues on critical issues in technology and art.

I rendered generative video out of Tech Art Berlin logo with one of the effects I made before, with a very slow feedback loop dispersing de Chardin’s Noosphere.

Not only from the curatorial perspective, but also as a filmmaker and a writer herself, Lei decided to make an essay film introducing all the artists presenting during the first event under “The…

Alan Pogoda, The Satan Tram of Berlin, 2016

Here is a fairy tale told by my son. I wrote it down exactly the way he told it. Alan is not a native English speaker. He learned English himself out of YouTube videos. I admire his creativity, because he is creating all the time, with disregard for any conventions, without any inhibitions, not being even remotely interested in sharing his work, but rather in entertaining himself. My son is my role model as an artist. Sometimes I secretly check what is he working on to save it for the future. Alan is living in symbiosis with the machines. For…

I remember seeing this face for the first time in my childhood. The Shroud of Turin was giving me these special goosebumps of touching divinity in physical manifestations. There is something in this feeling, which is addictive — this very basic metaphysical atavism attaching us to the sacrum. Most of my early experience with Christianity was a pure boredom. But this creepy image of a nobel face, which was supposed to belong to the person who my religion believed to be the God. …

Evolving ephemeral homeostasis against the forces of entropy. This is how I generate these images. This one makes me feel like if it was happening in space. Not very far away from here, but far enough to see the atmosphere of our planet from outside rather than from inside. The energy of our sun received, captured, transformed and reflected as another wave. When these images emerge on my screen, having such a contrastive light in the total blackness, I call them “the NASA aesthetics”.

It was on my way home, when I was flying from New York back to Berlin. Layover in Brussels brought me into the system of airport corridors, these veins pushing the bloodstream of human bodies always in the same direction, towards our destinations. But there are also distractions on the way. Cafés, restaurants, bakeries, are all calling us with their artificially charming coziness, to make us feel like being in the space which is not designed, but organically evolved in the social tissue of some imaginary neighborhood. There are churches here as well — all the duty-free shops. Actually they…

Kazik Pogoda

hairless running ape, translating ideas into creative code, in post-human culture

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